Together they achieve

The Success for All Co-operative Learning Programme is based on more than 40 years of research

Co-operative Learning enables schools to develop a unified, effective approach to teaching throughout the school.

What is Co-operative Learning?

Children learn in small teams where each child is responsible for ensuring that all team members are successful in their learning. The three principles of Co-operative Learning are:

  • Team rewards/recognition
  • Individual accountability
  • Equal opportunities for success


The benefits of Co-operative Learning include:

  • Consistent teaching, learning and classroom management structures throughout the school
  • Clarity and transparency for teachers and the SLT of what comprises ‘good’ teaching
  • Children can concentrate on learning rather than adapting to the style of different teachers
  • A clear structure for supporting teachers new to the profession, or those who need to develop their practise further
  • Clear modelling of expected learning behaviours, followed by positive feedback provides a structure that enables children to develop their own learning/metacognitive skills
  • Our ‘Getting Along Together Programme’ to support the development of children’s Co-operative Learning and conflict resolution skills throughout the school


Research shows that Co-operative Learning leads to

  • Higher achievement
  • Increased retention
  • More positive heterogeneous relationships
  • Greater intrinsic motivation
  • Higher self-esteem
  • More on-task behaviour
  • Better attitudes toward teacher
  • Better attitudes toward school


Co-operative Learning is supplied with All our programmes:  this is the cornerstone of Success for All.

In addition, Success for All has developed a unique Standalone Co-operative Learning programme that provides:

  • A manual for all members of the teaching staff and SLT- this includes clear information on developing practise
  • A full day of whole school training
  • Follow-up support visits from a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team
  • A set of whole school posters/resources