Success for All (SfA) typically works with schools who are below the national average. This report demonstrates how SfA has closed the gap between current schools and the national average.

In order to evaluate the impact of SfA on student attainment in England and Wales, the Fischer Family Trust has compared 100 SfA schools with all non-SfA schools on various outcomes (reading, writing and maths) over 4 years, from 2011-2014.

This year, SfA schools have made a progress rate of 157.5% compared to the national average, according to our ongoing analysis.

As the graphs demonstrate, the starting point in all areas (reading, writing, maths) of the SfA schools are significantly lower than non-SfA schools. Typically, SfA schools start with a higher percentage of FSM pupils, lower entry profile data, higher staff turnover, lower Ofsted/Estyn ratings and significantly lower historical attainment than other schools.

Over the 4 year period represented in this report, SfA has made rapid progress towards diminishing the gap between SfA schools and non-SfA schools, changing thousands of children’s lives for the better. The results from England and Wales also mirror findings from the US and other countries.

Case Studies