Mapping Our EYFS and KS2 Programmes to EEF Guidelines

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has recently published a series of reports on improving literacy in KS2. The latest report – ‘Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2’ – ‘Offers 7 practical evidence based recommendations that is relevant to all pupils but particularly to those struggling with literacy.’

Success for All and the EEF have a long-standing partnership and we have worked together on several studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the SFA curriculum in schools. We share the common aim that the most important thing a school can do for their pupils – and for society – is to teach them to read and write well, and this starts in Early Years. 

Success for All has been delivering effective Evidence based Improvement since 1986 and we have always been able to demonstrate how our support is ‘best practice’ and conforms with guidance and advice. The attached image maps the coverage of our Key Stage 2 programme, Wings, to the latest EEF guidance on ‘Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2’. We are also in the process of mapping our KS1 programme and you can also view the EYFS mapping below. 

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3rd September 2019

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