Roots Version 4 Now Available

Our highly effective evidence-based reading and writing programme for Key Stage 1 is now even better with the launch of Version 4, featuring updated and revised manuals!

Whats new in version 4?

• Completely rewritten writing lessons, with a clear progression of skills covering all Year 1 and most Year 2 NC objectives.

• Progressive skill development covering KS1 reading, writing and grammar objectives.

• Daily Learning Objectives and Outcomes for reading, STaR Story and writing lessons.

• Daily assessment guidance to help teachers adapt the lessons to meet the needs of their children.

• Grammar is now taught daily in both reading and writing lessons.

• A completely revised and easy-to-follow format designed to make planning easier.

• A free digital copy of each manual is included in your order.

• Trialled and tested in partner schools.

• Training to update staff is available from your IP – book now for a September staff meeting!

The only purchase necessary is the new manuals. All other existing Roots resources remain unchanged.

If you have subscribed to SfA in the past and are still using Roots resources we have a special deal of £999 which includes:

  • One copy of each manual
  • One day of training/support from on of our experienced and skilled SfA Implementation Partners
  • Free digital versions of new manuals
  • The opportunity to purchase replacement Roots resources during 2019/20
4th September 2019

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