Success for All is an evidence-based school improvement strategy. We work extensively with schools to embed a consistent and dynamic approach to teaching and learning known as co-operative learning.

Success for All is a whole school improvement programme that:

  • Improves teaching and learning – focusing on literacy
  • Secures sustainable improvement
  • Empowers leadership and builds capacity
  • Develops effective use of data – illustrating real time progress

We blend the powerful instructional process with an equally effective literacy strategy where pupils are grouped by stage not age, based on their reading comprehension level.

Not many programmes have our history, or more importantly, our robust independent research validation. We have been rewarded the highest rating possible, on the five-point scale, by Evidence for Impact (E4I) and we are one of only 19 programmes across the world “proven to work” in the report “Early Intervention (0-18): the Next Steps – An Independent report to Her Majesty’s Government” by Graham Allen MP (January 2011).

In addition, Evidence from the EEF, Fischer Family Trust, the Institute for Effective Education, National Lottery, the Young Foundation, Catch 22 and the Dartington Social Research Unit have all pointed towards the Success for All Foundation as the best and most proven option for embedding sustainable whole school improvement. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your school, our packages or for anything else.