Advanced Reading Skills

Advanced Reading Skills Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • To introduce the four advanced reading skills of clarifying, summarising, questioning and prediction and explain how they are used to develop children’s deep inner voices as readers.
  • The skills are explained and discussed in a way that enables staff to internalise their own use of the skills when reading.
  • They are provided with a passage to read and understand how they use the skills themselves, as they may be unaware of this process that becomes second nature to experienced readers.

How will this benefit staff?

  • The four advanced skills need to be explained to children as skills they should use to build their inner voice as readers.
  • To really understand this process, staff need to understand how they themselves automatically use these skills when reading.
  • As a result of the training, staff should be able to better support children in independently using these skills, improving progress and attainment.

Who should attend?

  • Although Wings staff explicitly teach these advanced reading skills, they should be modelled and introduced from EYFS onwards, so that children gradually come to understand how experienced readers build understanding.
  • This training is suitable for all members of staff.

Links to other training

  • This training introduces skills that are fundamental to understanding how to teach reading skills in Wings. It links to all other trainings for reading in Wings and Roots.

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