Burton End Primary Academy, Haverhill

Burton End Primary Academy From ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’

School Name: Burton End Primary Academy
Local Authority: Unity Schools Partnership 
Pupils on roll: 395
Age Group: 4-11

Pupil Premium: 17.97%
EAL: 9.87%

The Challenges faced by the School

Burton End Primary Academy is a two-form entry school in Haverhill, Suffolk. The school became an academy in 2014 as part of the Samuel Ward Trust, now the Unity Schools Partnership.

A new senior leadership team was appointed in January 2018 following the school being judged ‘Requires Improvement’ in all areas (September 2017). Early Years provision was recognised a strength of the school including the school’s on-site Nursery.

Particular areas of concern were that there were inconsistencies in the quality of teaching across different year groups. Children were not making fast enough progress. Outcomes in English and mathematics at the end of key stage 2 were not high enough. There were also inconsistencies in the promotion of positive behaviours for learning.

Why did the school choose to partner with SfA?

The SfA programme was implemented to meet the school’s most urgent immediate and longer-term school improvement needs. The school recognised that it offers a consistent whole-school approach to teaching pedagogy, the reading curriculum and sustaining good progress in Early Years. Co-operative Learning strategies would there is a consistent approach to positive behaviours for learning. Also staff would have access to ongoing, high quality professional development.

The Impact of the SfA Programme

SfA was introduced in late October 2018 and in January 2020 the school was judged as ‘Good’ in all areas.

‘As part of a ‘Success For All’ (SFA) school, in Nursery we follow their programme by having a 5 minute Maths and short Phonics sessions everyday. As children transition from Nursery to Reception, they start their Reception year with a stronger foundation in Phonics and Maths having used a similar approach in Nursery that will be used in Reception. SFA also focuses on teaching children positive learning dispositions called ‘Co-operative Learning Goals’, which also supports the Characteristics of Effective Learning used through the Early Years.’ 

Quotes from the recent OFSTED report:

‘They [pupils] describe themselves as ‘bookworms’ and say that ‘reading is awesome’.

‘Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour in lessons and on the playground. As a result, pupils behave very well. They are good listeners and work together cooperatively.’

‘Pupils have strong relationships with each other and with adults in the school.’

‘Reading is a priority in this school. Teachers are well trained. Children are taught phonics from the moment they start school. Teachers ensure that reading books are carefully matched to the sounds that pupils are learning. Pupils say that ‘reading is the best thing in the world’. They talk gleefully about the books that their teachers read to them.’

‘Behaviour has improved since the previous inspection. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They demonstrate the school’s values of empathy, resilience and respect in their relationships with staff and each other.’

‘Routines are well established, and children are interested in what they do.’

Quote from the Head:

"SFA has helped shape and embed the inclusive culture of our school. All children can experience success and now have a greater sense of ownership of their learning. Our children are flying!"

Karen Sheargold
16th February 2020

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