Langley Green, Crawley

86% reduction in the number of children reading below age expected levels at Langley Green

Written by Susan Burton (February 2018)

The Challenges faced by the School

Children at Langley are of predominantly Asian heritage, with 86% having English as an additional language, so the development of language skills is a

Langley Green implemented SFA in September 2013 with the aim of improving reading and writing levels. The programme has been very successful in increasing progress and attainment and the school was awarded an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ in 2014, having previously been graded as RI.

A significant issue that the school wished to address by using SFA was the substantial number of children who were reading below age expected levels.

How the SfA Programme addressed these challenges

A significant reason for this reduction is the large improvement in the number of children entering Year 1 who could read and who are ‘school ready’. This is a result of the focus on skills development in EYFS through the SfA Curiosity Corner (Nursery) and Kinder Corner (Reception) programmes. The EYFS team at Langley Green use these programmes particularly effectively.

The Impact of SfA

In September 2013, the school had 106 children who were reading below the age expected level. After 4 years of SfA this had reduced to 15 children, a reduction of 86%! This data is presented in Fig 1.

Fig 1. The number of underperforming readers in Year Groups 1‐3 for the first four years following implementation of SfA

*38 new children joined Key Stage 2 this year, many with no English, this had a negative impact on data

Fig 2. The total number of underperforming readers at Langley Green Sept 2013‐ July 2017

10th December 2018

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