Woodhall Primary School, Sudbury

'A School for All Children': Woodhall Primary - The Journey from Inadequate to Good

School Name: Woodhall Primary School
Local Authority: Suffolk 
Location: Sudbury
Ofsted Rating: Good
Pupils on roll: 429
Age Group: 3-11
Pupil Premium: 37.6%
SEND: 19.4%
EAL: 6.9%

The Challenges faced by the School

Woodhall is a two form entry primary school. Most pupils are White British and Pupil Premium is high. In March 2016, the school was inspected by Ofsted and deemed Inadequate. A new Head Teacher was appointed in September 2016, and the school converted into an academy in January 2017, joining Unity Schools Partnership, Suffolk. Finally in April 2017, the school took on the Success for All programme from Nursery to Year 6.

How the SfA Programme addresses these challenges

The implementation of SfA allowed the school to address concerns raised by Ofsted, specifically providing a consistent approach to teaching and learning with high expectations for all staff and children and targeted support for the most vulnerable (FSM & SEND). With the help of their SfA Implementation Partner, the school received initial training and on-going professional development for all teachers and learning support assistants to ensure that lessons are appropriately planned and taught to a high standard. Assessment – previously deemed ‘weak’ by Ofsted – was addressed by using SfA’s Assessment for Learning model and the Year 6 SATs preparation package.

The impact of SfA

The school was inspected again in December 2019, using the newly introduced Ofsted framework and was deemed Good (with elements of Outstanding). Ofsted specifically commented on the improvement in standards across the school, the primacy of reading and writing in the curriculum, and the strong teaching of phonics. Provision for Disadvantaged and SEND pupils – previously identified as being neglected – were singled out now as a ‘real strength’ as the school uses SfA to provide targeted support during literacy lessons and through SfA’s one-on-one tutoring programme. Results in Year 6 increased to national average after just one year of using SfA’s SATs preparation programme! Woodhall’s amazing transformation and their high level of fidelity to the SfA programme, resulted in the school being awarded ‘Flagship Status’ in June 2019, serving as a model school for anyone wishing to visit and see SfA in action.

In truth, Success for All has transformed the fortunes of Woodhall and its children. Teaching and Learning have improved beyond all recognition, so that children from all backgrounds are now achieving. Actually, Success for All was established to improve children's life chances; at Woodhall that ambition is becoming a reality. It's Wonderful!

Matthew Fuller, Head Teacher

Success for All has had a massive and positive impact on our school across almost every aspect of school life. The children are always engaged and enthusiastic in their learning during the SfA lesson. It has helped foster a love of reading across the school, particularly in KS2, where the books they are exposed to are well-chosen and enriching. The collaborative learning strategies are now so embedded in our children, that they are used throughout the school day and enable the children to work positively and successfully together.

Tracy Tate, SfA Facilitator

As well as reading books, we learn using DVDs and websites too, which is really fun.

Year 5 Student
3rd February 2020

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