Clarifying Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • This training introduces and discusses the strategies taught to children in Savvy Reader units of Wings.
  • Staff will also have an opportunity to experience using these strategies, so they understand how they work from the perspective of a child.

How will this benefit staff?

  • Clarifying is the process whereby readers stop when they do not understand what they have read and try to work it out.
  • Children often continue to read, regardless of whether they have understood the text. The aim of this training is to ensure that children stop and understand what they have read, so improving progress and attainment in reading.

Who should attend?

  • Although this training is primarily aimed at Wings teachers, clarification strategies should be understood by staff working in all parts of the school. All staff would benefit from attending.

Links to other training

  • Clarification is a key reading skill which children find challenging. This training complements other trainings focusing on skills that develop comprehension.

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