Co-operative Learning Refresher

Co-operative Learning Refresher Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • This session provides a short overview of Co-operative Learning, reviewing and discussing all the strategies and providing a short Co-operative Learning activity so that staff can experience the benefits of the strategies personally.
  • There is a clear focus on why the strategies work, discussing and addressing any issues with Co-operative Learning.
  • Staff attending will also have an opportunity to experience being taught a new skill using Co-operative Learning strategies. This will enable them to better understand the impact on learning.

How will this benefit staff?

  • This session is designed for SfA schools where a significant number of staff have not experienced Day 1 Co-operative Learning training.
  • It provides an opportunity for staff to discuss, understand and experience Co-operative Learning so that they will know why each strategy is important and understand and foster the positive impact on learning and children’s engagement.

Who should attend?

  • This training can be used for new staff who have not received Day 1 Co-operative Learning Training.
  • It is also suitable as a refresher for all staff.

Links to other trainings

  • This training should improve practice throughout SfA. High-quality Co-operative Learning is fundamental to the success of all strategies taught in SfA.

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