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Success for All COVID-19 Resources

The Success for All team has created a range of resources that will help parents with home-learning during the current COVID-19 crisis. On this page, you will find practical advice sheets and resources which can be downloaded, added to your schools website and circulated to parents. These are designed to give simple hints and tips to help children with their learning, whether they are in Nursery, Reception or Years 1-6. In addition, we will continually provide digital resources so that children can continue to learn phonics and to read when they are at home.

We would appreciate any feedback on the materials provided so that we can respond to your experience of what works best. Please send any comments or suggestions to your Implementation Partner or to

Resources for Download

With partial school closures now a reality for many, we have provided a range of valuable resources and information to support those of you who are looking to develop your remote learning package. 

Shared Stories
for Home Learning

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Here you can access and download our full suite of Shared Stories. Please feel free to add these to your school website to make them accessible to parents and teachers for home learning. 

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Staff Training

Our online CDP sessions provide a fantastic way to build on the knowledge, skills and experience of staff remotely. The fourteen themes are designed to support staff in delivering key areas of SfA and much more. To discover what additional training we can offer please click the ‘Additional Training Modules’ link below.

SfA Home Learning Advice

Just for Fun

Getting Along Together Strategies

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your school, our packages or for anything else.