Grammar in SfA Writing

Grammar in SfA Writing Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • This session enables schools to reflect on their current teaching of grammar and evaluate the needs of the pupils so that there can be a whole-school approach to improving grammar skills in the writing elements of SfA.
  • Colleagues will also have an opportunity to share practice, support each other and learn about grammar teaching in components they have not yet taught.

How will this benefit staff?

  • This will ensure that all staff understand that grammar skills should be consistently taught in all components and that skills need to be introduced progressively.
  • It will also encourage staff to make appropriate adaptations to lesson plans to ensure children’s needs are met, improving sentence construction in spoken language and progress and attainment in writing.

Who should attend?

  • This training is appropriate for all members of staff because grammar should be explicitly taught throughout the school. It will also enable colleagues to be aware of the progressive nature of the programme.

Links to other training

  • The code contained in punctuation and grammar is important in developing comprehension as well as writing skills.

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