Mind Movies and Meaningful Sentences

Mind Movies and Meaningful Sentences Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • Many readers construct mind movies of situations, or information, described by the author as they read a text. This is an important aid to comprehension. The training involves a discussion of how children can be actively encouraged to construct mind movies to aid comprehension.
  • It follows that when writing, children can be encouraged to visualise a mind movie before they write. This will enable them to enrich their writing with adjectives, adverbs and other details.
  • Children in Wings regularly write meaningful sentences. This training is designed to demonstrate the usefulness of mind movies in supporting this activity and the importance of encouraging children to transfer their skill in writing such sentences to wider writing activities.

How will this benefit staff?

  • This training should enable staff to effectively use mind movies to improve comprehension and writing skills, so improving progress and attainment.

Who should attend?

  • Mind Movies can be used at any level to support comprehension and writing, so this training is suitable for all staff.

Links to other training

  • This training complements other trainings that develop comprehension and writing skills.

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