Phonics Staff Meeting

Phonics Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • Phonics training for Roots/Wings. This is important when Wings staff teach clarifying skills and our spelling programme.
  •  Many children graduate to Wings from Roots without having mastered every phonic sound. This can have a significant negative impact on their ability to decode and understand Wings texts. As a result, some children fail to make progress.

How will this benefit staff?

  • By providing basic phonics training the intention is that Wings staff will be able to incorporate Fasttrack Phonics sessions into their lessons, to address this issue, improving progress and attainment.

Who should attend?

  • Although this training is designed primarily to support Wings staff it can provide useful phonics training for Roots or EYFS staff.
  •  It is also suitable as a refresher for all staff.

Links to other trainings

  • Basic phonics skills are required by all Roots teachers and many Wings teachers.
  • This training complements the Clarifying Skills training for Wings teachers as decoding is a fundamental skill for clarifying unfamiliar words.

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