Question Types

Question Types Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • This training introduces the three SfAQuestion Types used to support the answering of comprehension questions in Wings.
  • Barriers to comprehension and how to use AfL to inform planning are discussed. There is a focus on making sure that children understand how to use the strategies required by each question type.
  • A short comprehension exercise is included in the training to enable staff to understand the use of the strategies from a pupil’s perspective.

How will this benefit staff?

  • The session should enable staff to effectively use Assessment for Learning to confidently adjust lessons so that children make significant progress and answer comprehension questions more accurately, so achieving higher scores.

Who should attend?

  • Although primarily aimed at staff teaching Roots Purple Stories and Wings, the strategy of returning to the text to find evidence to support answers should be introduced to children of all ages. This training is therefore appropriate for all members of staff.

Links to other training

  • Identifying and using Question Types as a means of supporting comprehension complements other comprehension skills.

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