Teaching Non-Fiction Text Structures to Improve Comprehension

Teaching Non-Fiction Text Structures to Improve Comprehension Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • Five non-fiction text structures are introduced; main idea and supporting idea; sequence; cause and effect; compare and contrast; and problem and solution.
  • The training highlights the ‘signal words’ and question types that are typically used with each text type. This enables the reader to identify the text type and, initially scaffolded by using specially adapted Graphic Organisers, to identify the main ideas and effectively answer questions.

How will this benefit staff?

  • Non-fiction texts present a specific challenge to both staff and children. This training is aimed at improving children’s comprehension skills through the strategy of identifying non-fiction text types.
  • The session is designed to develop an understanding of the crucial role customised graphic organisers play in scaffolding reading comprehension.
  • The aim is to improve progress and attainment by improving comprehension of non-fiction texts.

Who should attend?

  • This training is most suitable for Wings staff.

Links to other training

  • By providing strategies for identifying and understanding non-fiction text structures this training complements strategies introduced in other trainings focused on improving comprehension.

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