I have been working alongside the team at SfA and the approaches for the best part of 10 years now.  In all cases without exception, the quality of advice, support and guidance has been outstanding.  Outcomes and progress in all cases have been above the national average, due to our fidelity with the strategy. 

Staff have fully embraced the SfA strategy across all the schools I work in, aiding workload and supporting a whole school dialogue around progress and attainment.  Staff very quickly become highly skilled and are empowered to develop their practice within a co-operative learning framework.  This approach allows for fluid research on best practice, which ultimately leads to innovative design, consistency and expectations which infiltrates all aspect of the curriculum. 

Progression and understanding of the SfA framework are also powerful school improvement tools, knowing exactly what your children are doing and that there is true progression and pace within the school allows for empowerment of all leaders who can articulate and explain all aspects of the curriculum. 

Children themselves demonstrate excellent behaviours for learning, due to the whole school strategy of co-operative learning, including children who had been disengaged previously are now enthusiastic and active participants in their learning.”

John Halliwell, National Leader in Education and Executive Headteacher & Director of Leadership Development at STEP Academy Trust

“Our school has been fortunate to work alongside the Success For All team for a number of years. During that time we have introduced, refined and embedded the principles of SfA and their programmes including Curiosity Corner, Roots, Wings and to extend our Year 6 Quest. The children have been enthused, are eager to learn and are highly motivated to succeed and help each other which has transferred into all areas of our curriculum. In addition, the impact on our results has fully justified the time and financial commitment we have made. It has been a great success!”

Julie Cornelius, Headteacher at William Cassidi C of E Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees

“SfA has provided us with a structured, systematic approach that has enabled all teachers to teach reading effectively, including the key skills of decoding and comprehension. The support of the Implementation Partner has helped us to understand the programme from both a leadership and teacher point of view. Bespoke CPD has allowed us to address specific training needs and embed the programme throughout school.

As a result of the work we have done in SfA, pupils are more able to discuss with understanding the books they have read, the teaching of reading has become focused and explicit and the data shows that more pupils are achieving the expected level for their age compared with a year ago.”

Joanne Russell, Headteacher at Badsley Primary School, Rotherham

“Since implementing SfA at my school, and being the only school in Scotland at the moment delivering the programme, we have all seen great success with all our children. Expectations of the children have risen and the high quality teaching and reading that the children are exposed to has all resulted in children who are more confident learners and are achieving great results at their individual levels”

David Hayes-MacLeod, Headteacher at South Lodge Primary School, Invergordon

“SfA has transformed our school in terms of behaviour and accelerated and sustained progress in reading and writing over the last year. It has provided a a consistency of approach in terms of high expectations of behaviour across the whole school. Many of the SfA collaborative approaches are now used across the whole school day due to their success and the response of the children. The lessons are detailed, well paced, challenging and offer a clear sequence. Our children have now built up a stamina and love for reading and writing. The children in our Reception class are showing the best writing we have ever seen. The children look forward to SfA lessons and productivity is high. The level of support offered by our SfA Consultant is excellent and bespoke to the needs of the school. “

Lisa Tweed, Headteacher at Houldsworth Valley Primary Academy, Newmarket


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