The Cycle of Effective Instruction and Assessment for Learning

The Cycle of Effective Instruction and Assessment for Learning Staff Meeting

Summary of Content

  • The SfA teaching and learning model, The Cycle of Effective Instruction, is explicit that Assessment for Learning must be part of effective practice.
  • The training explains the gradual changes in a lesson cycle starting with initital teacher modelling and explanation followed by the children actively engaging in peer teaching and then demonstrating individual mastery of the learning. This is the Cycle of Effective Instruction.
  • This training is designed to build an understanding of how to use AfL in SfA.
  • There is an opportunity for staff to reflect on how these strategies can be incorporated more effectively into their practice.

How will this benefit staff?

  • SfA strategies are most effective when staff understand the implications of the Cycle of Effective Instruction and how to adapt details of the lesson plans to meet the specific learning needs of their children.
  • This training aims to provide staff with the knowledge to use AfL to improve progress and attainment while staying faithful to the programme.

Who should attend?

  • This training is appropriate for all staff.

Links to other trainings

  • Many SfA Staff Meetings and trainings focus on how to effectively use Assessment for Learning in SfA to maximise pupil progress.
  • This training develops an understanding of the SfA teaching and learning process and provides general information on using AfL appropriately.

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