Curiosity Corner

Class sized groups


Whole day

Theme based, 36 weekly units

Taught by teachers

Literacy, Numeracy, Learning Labs

Does your Nursery deliver clear EYFS practice that is understood by all stakeholders, meets all NC and Ofsted requirements and prepares children to succeed in Reception?

If not, then Curiosity Corner is what your school needs. We help your team to develop exemplary evidence-based practice, so your children can thrive.

The developmental levels of Nursery children seem lower each year. With rising expectations, schools face a significant challenge to prepare children for success in Reception and Year 1.  Early intervention and effective early years education are essential in rising to this challenge.

Curiosity Corner provides the structure in which young children thrive. The 36 one-week Curiosity themes introduce children to a wide range of explicitly taught concepts and linked vocabulary. The programme includes short whole-class teaching sessions introducing the theme, maths concepts, rhymes/phonemic awareness, and theme related texts. High quality continuous provision activities enable children to engage in exploratory learning, consolidating and developing skills.

All planning, and many resources, are provided so that staff can focus on making adaptations to meet the specific learning needs of all the children, including those with special educational needs.

The 2011 Government White Paper, ‘Early Intervention: The Next Steps’, chaired by Graham Allen MP, placed Curiosity Corner in the top category for Effective Early Intervention.


What is provided?

Contract Year Training, Support & Materials
Year 1
1 Training Day & 4 Support Days
Year 2
1 Training Day & 3 Support Days
Year 3
2 Support Days
Year 4
3 Support Days
1 Teachers Manual
36 Theme Guides
5 Minute Maths Manual & Resource Pack
CC Puppet
Foundation Phonics Manual & Resource Pack

Curiosity Corner

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