60 minutes a day

Bespoke reading list / real books

Taught by teachers or SEND

Reading, Writing, SPaG

Quest is a powerful Key Stage 3 literacy intervention programme specifically designed for secondary children who are still reading at the primary level or need to consolidate key literacy skills in order to access the secondary curriculum. Quest is powered by Co-operative Learning, a proven, research based approach to that leads to consistent teaching and learning, where pupils work in small mixed ability teams and are responsible for learning from one another just as much as they are from the classroom teacher.

The Quest programme is divided into 7 ability levels; starting with Quest 1 GCSE U (>1) and progressing all the way up to Quest 7 GCSE level 5. Every Quest Level has multiple titles for you to choose from, each with complete lesson plans covering all elements of literacy: reading, writing, phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar, with a clear focus on filling key gaps and the continual assessment of student progress using explicit objectives and techniques to measure those outcomes. 

Each daily lesson plan is 60 minutes long and Quest titles range from 1 to 4 weeks in length across a wide range of genres, including: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, classical extracts and digital e-titles.

What is provided?

1 Year Contract Training, Support & Materials
Quest & Co-Operative Learning Training
1 Day
4 Days
Total Training & Support Days
5 Days
Over 90+ titles to choose from
Teacher Manual, Student Workbooks and Key Vocabulary Cards - both print copies and digital PDF access