Here you can find SfA resources that you can download to support your schools and students.

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Please use the links below to download our Shared Stories which are now available to parents and schools for home learning support. 

If you are a school please feel free to add these to your website to make them easily accessible. 

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Staff Meeting training sessions are a great way of developing practice in the teaching of Co-operative Learning and reading and writing skills in your SfA school.

You can choose from the suite of trainings in this document and then book a member of the SfA Team to provide training online or in person.

To get in touch, please contact the office on or 01733 490 222

Please note that this is currently only available to SfA subscribed schools.

Try SfA’s plans to be used with Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Three weeks of planning, is structured to provide three days of reading and two days of writing per week. Grammar lessons are embedded.

This is a Wings 5 text, designed to be used in years 5 and 6, as appropriate.

Try SfA’s Quest plans from our KS3 Intervention programme to be used with Journey to Joburg by Beverley Naidoo. Two weeks of planning is structured to provide three days of reading and two days of writing per week. Grammar lessons and spelling lessons are embedded. (Phonics is embedded in Quest Levels 1&2.)

This is a Quest 4 text, designed to be used with children reading at approximately GCSE level 2 or children with a reading age of 9-10 years.

Differentiating Reading - Wings

Schools using our Wings programme group children by reading ability, however, this is currently difficult due to Covid-19 restrictions. This document provides some advice to help teachers in adjusting their teaching so that all children can make progress.